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Cupcake pot holder

Cupcake pot holder

Okay, first of all, cupcakes are easier to bake than they are to sew! This is the second of two I made... the only variable being the lace "fancy cupcake paper." I had this marvellous set of small samples of laces... vintage, salesman's samples. I have been wondering for years what to do with them. So in a lightbulb moment I thought of them and added them to these cupcakes. The first one also has lace, just a different design... and since the top to base stitching looks even worse on that one, it is camera shy!

You make the two pieces separately and then layer the top on the base and stitch around the outside edge. However, it is very hard to keep them lined up, no matter what you do. Or at least the various things I thought of... with this one I decided that the trick would be to make them in the hoop (ITH) so I spent a considerable amount of time using my meager digitizing skills to digitize the two pieces, then quilted them with the regular sewing machine... still not ecstatic about the way they turned out. Overall I like them, but the alignment and stitching is just not precise!!!

And one more "woe is me" moment came when on the second cupcake (ITH) I placed the prettiest piece of my lace on the base and stitched it down... but when the machine was returning to the bottom to stitch the next part the foot got caught in the lace (why or why didn't I stick it down or tape it down somehoe???) and ripped it and snorffled up the WSS which of course is not the strongest thing in the world... so I had to remove it from the machine and hoop, undo the stitches, and put on another piece of lace, and then finish stitching on the regular machine.

BTW as you can probably see you are looking at a piece of lace stitched to a piece of insertion, which I first machine stitched and then serged with a two thread overlock on my Babylock Enlighten. Probably TMI and you have all nodded off my now :)

Spencer and cupcake pot holder