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mouse and cuppycakes 001

mouse and cuppycakes 001

Apron fabrics and test stitchout of embroidery design. These are the fabrics... all pieces will be approximately the same width, except for the second from the right and it will be a narrow piece... maybe 1½" wide, and the others 6" or so. The two fabrics folded up will be pocket and pocket ruffle. The tiny pink print all smushed up at the top will be bias binding, waistband and ties.

I have modified the design a bit... changed the "ear whiskers" or whatever you call them to a triple stitch, and regained my letter "d" in "and"... I obviously lost some of it along the way! Changed the colours in the design around a bit too. The test stitchout is done on unbleached muslin, the apron fabric is the one shown at the top of the embroidered piece. I have both triple stitch and backstitch in this design and I have no idea if it is really a good idea to use them both in the same design... maybe I should switch it all to backstitch?

Letters are Aunty M, and the embroidery design is (gulp) my digitizing based on the hand embroidery design that came with the apron pattern, Cupcake Cuties by Natalie Ross in Stitches. Fabrics are Moda Seaside Rose, a set now several years old!